Tips And Tricks To Keep Fashion Jewelry Safe

Tips And Tricks To Keep Fashion Jewelry Safe

Women love to wear jewelry! We couldn’t agree more. They purchase it now and then and carry out this practice like a hobby as well. Oftentimes, they wait for the jewelry new arrivals and tend to make them a part of their jewelry box excitedly. 

Fashion jewelry which is also entitled as costume jewelry is often made up of different mediums e.g., aluminum, brass, copper, beads, pearls, crystals, fake gems and many others. Though it appears like fine jewelry, it doesn’t have much shelf life. Then what to do?

In order to save your fashion jewelry from tarnishing, cracking, oxidizing, breaking, etc., and to keep it for a longer time with you, just follow these steps to make your life easy.

1. Store Jewelry Cautiously:
When you know exactly how to store fashion jewelry, it will consequently last longer and remain new and lustrous. You use it daily, necessarily or unnecessarily but don’t forget to keep in a container or pouch when not in use. Doing so, you need to place jewelry in separate bags or boxes. This would not let any scratches, tangles or cracks happen to your jewelry items.

When you are spending on the jewelry pieces, then these certain tips will allow you to wear them for a longer period of time.   

Golden Multi-layer Necklace

2. Use Jewelry Protectant Spray:
When you wear jewelry, it is more likely that it gets a contact with perfume, lotion and water and sweat, etc. While keeping the jewelry in separate containers wouldn’t be enough for protection if it is not clean. It is vital to clean the jewelry since it will tarnish much before its shelf life. Make a habit to clean the jewelry with wet wipes or a jewelry protection spray. Because this effort will not only clean the ornaments, but will help prevent spreading of viruses as well.

You can also use a toothbrush to remove the dirt particles that amalgamate at the corners of the necklace sets or jhumkas. Try not to use nail polish for maintaining the shine and luster.  Last but not the least, it is advised to not use nail polish coats in any case to maintain its shine or luster.  

3. Keep Jewelry in A Non-Humid Environment:
Jewelry is such an item that you should wear last and put off first. When you put it back after using it in the container, just make sure that it is dry and clean. Even a little bit of moisture will degrade the quality of jewelry. Further to this, you can also use an anti-tarnish paper in which you could wrap up the jewelry to maintain the shine. The location of the jewelry box should be at such a place where there is less humidity. 

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